Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend Wedding and Easton's Nursery!

This past weekend Brice's cousin, Cody, got married in Dallas. Dr. Burkholder didn't want  me driving this late in the pregnancy, so Emma Kate and I hopped on a plane and met Brice and his parents there for all the festivities. Being big huge and pregnant with a very active 17 month old in an extremely tiny seat made for a very interesting flight, but we survived! I was just so thankful that the flight is only an hour long!! The rehearsal dinner was at a yummy restaurant called Cantina Laredo. Cody loves converse tennis shoes so that was the theme for the whole weekend. The center pieces on the tables at the rehearsal dinner were converse shoes with flower arrangements inside, there were tiny little converse key chains at each place setting, the grooms cake was a giant converse tennis shoe, all the groomsmen wore converse shoes with their tuxes, the flower girls wore pink converse shoes with their dresses, and the bride's maids even changed into pink converse shoes for the reception! It was really cute!  And with Cody being an ex Tech quarterback it was quite a star-studded event. Jeremy Camp was a groomsman, and he and his wife sang several songs before and during the wedding! They are such a sweet family and really down to earth...if you didn't know who he was you would never guess that he's a famous musician. Their girls were 2 of the flower girls, and they are just as cute as can be!! Of course I was horrible about taking pictures so the only pictures I have are of Miss Priss. She wasn't feeling well all weekend (we found out Monday at the Dr. that she has a sinus infection that she's had for the last several weeks...poor baby!!) so she wasn't exactly on her best behavior, and because of this we weren't able to stay at the reception for very long. She did however manage to steal the show on the dance floor with another little girl. She kicked her shoes off and shook her booty like there was no tomorrow. At one point she started just running around in circles screaming which was when her daddy said it was time to leave! :)

Getting ready to leave for the airport
She found the perfect play spot...under the sink!
Swimming with daddy at the hotel
We saw this face A LOT that weekend!!

And we finally hung the new E in Easton's room last night so I took some pictures of the nursery today. It's still not completely finished, but chances are I won't get around to finishing it until after he's born so I thought I would go ahead and post some pictures of what we have so far. :)

The new E...I just LOVE the way it turned out!! (SO much better than the first one!)
From the door
The bed
Dresser/changing table
The chair and the cute little safari animals (which I also got from etsy)
Easton's new diaper bag and changing pad

Hopefully he will be here in just a couple of weeks! I went to the dr. yesterday and am already dilated to a 1 and 50% effaced, and Dr. Burkholder said we would schedule the induction at my appointment next Tuesday. I am hoping for the 4th or the our sonogram 2 weeks ago he was already 6 lbs. I'm still feeling really good and am so blessed to have such easy pregnancies, but it is getting kind of difficult to carry Emma Kate with this huge belly sticking out and my energy is decreasing rapidly! I just keep praying that I would truly be able to savor these last couple of weeks with just Emma Kate. I know her poor little world is going to turn upside down once he's here and I'm starting to get really anxious about being able to give her and Easton both the attention they need. 

Oh, and one more piece of exciting news I almost forgot about.....BRICE PASSED THE CFP!!!!! Thank you all so much for praying for him. It is only by the grace of God that he was able to pass and we are giving Him all the glory because of it!!