Friday, May 07, 2010


**Disclaimer - if we're facebook friends you've probably already seen most of these updates and pictures! :)

Brice had to do some work in Abilene last week, so the kids and I decided to tag along and make a mini vacation out of it. We headed down Wednesday afternoon and didn't come home until Sunday morning! I was a little apprehensive about staying in a hotel with a 2 1/2 year old and an almost 1 year old (which, btw how is that even possible!?), but really it turned out great and we had such a fun time!!

We did lots of swimming, shopping, sightseeing and making creative use of all of our time! Unfortunately our trip ended with our first visit to the ER. Unlike most people who like to sleep in at hotels, our little buddy, Easton thought the early morning was the best time to party. Haha, so Brice, being the nice husband that he is, offered to take Easton out of the hotel room so that Emma Kate and I could sleep in. They went down to the lobby to get some coffee and in the process of putting the sleeve on a cup of coffee it accidentally got knocked over and spilled all over Easton's foot causing a 2nd degree burn! It was so incredibly sad to see him in such pain, but they fixed him up with a shot of demerol and a nice bandage and we were on our way out of town. :)

So although our trip didn't end all that well, overall it was such a fun visit and I definitely think we'll be tagging along again next time!

Ready for the first (of many!) swim of the season

Look how big he is!

This picture cracks me up! She is always trying to carry him around...even though he's almost as big as she is!

Sliding at the mall

Craft night in the hotel bathroom...haha, our kids go to be really early so I decided to get crafty and work on some projects while they were snoozing!

Feeding the giraffes

Macy and sweet Bliss met us at the zoo...they didn't know what to think of eachother at first, but eventually they decided they liked eachother! (and we just might have done some bribing to get this picture) :)

Showing off for the Thunderbirds at the Air Force Base

Getting ready to go see some airplanes at the air show! She loved looking at the planes, but did NOT like it when they were actually flying, it was really loud and just about scared her to death. I wish I had a picture of her with the little earplugs in!

Picnic in the hotel room...we did this quite often. They loved it and it was easy clean up!!

Kisses for brother while having a snow cone!

Pretty sure he loved it!

Poor buddy's foot after the trip to the ER.

Finally sleeping soundly in his bed at home!