Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I survived!

By the grace of God I survived my first week and 2 days of school! :) The first couple of days were pretty rough, but it is getting easier and easier everyday. I got a new student the first day of school, so I now have 21 five year olds!! They are all so much fun, and I have had a blast getting to know their personalities. (I can already tell that I will have plenty of funny stories to tell!) I feel like I have such a huge responsibility caring for them all and I pray daily for patience and wisdom. They are like little sponges at this age and I just hope that I can be a positive influence on thier lives. I can see that God has a plan in all things and that His hand was definitely on my life when I was moved to Kindergarten. Thanks for all the prayers and letters of encouragement my first week of school!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bad Blogger!!

Wow, where has the time gone?? The second half of the summer was an absolute whirlwind. so much has happened that it's hard to even know where to begin. I found out three weeks ago that I will be teaching Kindergarten this year instead of 2nd grade. I was a complete mess when they first told me, considering I had my room finished, lessons planned and I was completely in the 2nd grade mindset. BUT, now that my new room is ready, my new lessons are planned and I've met all but one of my sweet little Kindergarteners I couldn't be more excited!! We had open house on Thursday where I got to meet all my students and their parents; they are all SO cute! Of course I can already tell that I will have a couple of stinkers, but I'm sure they will keep things lively. :)

To add to the craziness, we have been out of town for the past three weekends! While we had a great time everywhere we went, it's so good to finally be home with nothing to do!! Our first outing was with the Carrasco's to New Braufels to float the river. We had an absolute blast!! This was my first time to float the river, and I highly recommend it. It was so relaxing and just such a fun atmosphere. I have already been trying to plan our next trip down there.

Our next trip was to Dallas to visit Brice's cousin and their new baby, Austin. It was so good to visit with them, and of course I was in heaven holding the new baby!! We also met up with Brice's best friend Kevin and went to a Ranger's game. It was fun catching up with Kevin, but it was so hot at the game, we were all miserable! I think it was 103 degrees the day of the game with no breeze at all. I couldn't even tell you who they played, but at least the company was good! And of course we had to hit up my favorite place while we were in Dallas...the Allen outlet mall. I just love that place!! It's kind of far out there, but it's never too crowded and they have GREAT sales. I spent way too much money, but I got some much needed "back to school" clothes.

For our last shindig of the summer we travelled to the big city of Lazbuddie to have a garage sale with Brice's mom. We made a whopping $115, but thankfully we got rid of a bunch of clothes that were just cluttering up our closets. We sold everything for $.50 and were just glad to get rid of it.

Overall I couldn't have asked for a better summer. I got to do just about everything I wanted to. I loved all the time I got to spend at home by myself, at the pool with Ashley and Carley, and at the lake with my family. So long summer!