Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Birthday Boy

Wow, I can't believe my baby boy is already a year old! It literally seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital wondering what in the world we were going to do with a little boy. What an amazing year it has been getting to know our little "buddy" and seeing his big personality emerge. He is constantly making us laugh and can easily light up a room with huge smile!

Things we love about YOU, Easton Boy:
-your passion for food and the way you eat with gusto! :) (usually double fisted)
-the way you grunt between each bite of food
-your precious laugh and the way to you LOVE to be tickled
-the way you adore your big sister (most of the time)
-your attachment to your little giraffe lovey and the way you will search and search til you find the tag to rub between your fingers
-that you absolutely insist on going barefoot...doesn't matter what kind of shoes or socks we put on you, they're off in a matter of seconds!
-your toothless grin! we thought surely by your first birthday you would have some teeth, but I think I'm going to miss your little toothless grin once you actually do get some teeth!

We love you so much Easton and are so grateful that the Lord chose to bless our family with you!!

For Easton's first birthday party we decided to go with a Farm theme. My SUPER talented friend, Jordan, did the invitations and they turned out just perfect!

The kids road on the tractor, played in the "duck pond" and jumped in the bouncer. And other than Brice getting a little wild in the bouncer, falling into the fence and getting a huge chunk of wood stuck in his finger (which later required surgery to remove) I'd say the party was a hit! :)

The yummy cake from KP Creations!

Emma Kate decided she didn't feel like standing by us for the picture.... :)

With LaLa, Pop and Mamie

Boppy and Chebe

Such a BIG boy!

Colin was confused...our tractor doesn't go nearly as fast as his does!

The sweet Booth family

Sweet Cambrie...who's mommy REALLY needs to get a blog or a facebook or something! :)

Molly sporting her adorable headband!

Lauren and Emily (I think Autumn was off riding the 4-wheeler!)

"Mom, can't you just let me jump?"

He knows he's about to eat since he's in his chair! :)

I think he liked it!!

The boy LOVES balls!!

And finally, my favorite picture of the day! To say that Colin and Easton had fun in the "duck pond" would be an understatement! Colin definitely came out of his shell in the water and Easton was eating it up!!


The Reeds said...

That last picture is a total keeper! this is hillarious!

Happy Birthday adorable Easton!

Thanks for reaching for me, not for a hugs or for love, but always for a cookie!

jordan said...

So fun! wish we could have made it! I love the cake!

happy birthday, sweet boy!

kristen said...

such a cute party!!! love everything!!! miss you guys and those sweet kids!