Sunday, August 26, 2007

So Long Summer!

I guess summer was actually over 2 weeks ago when I had to return to work, but technically it's just now ending considering the kids come tomorrow! I am actually really excited about school starting and getting back into a routine. We had open house last Thursday evening and it was so fun getting to meet all my new kids, and even better getting to see my kids from last year! As of right now I have 18 in my class, but I'm sure that will change by tomorrow morning, considering last year I started out with only 17 and ended up with 21. But that's alright, I trust that whoever God places in my class is placed there for a reason. I will definitely let you know how tomorrow goes...I'm anticipating lots of tears!

We have had an incredibly busy August, which is why I am just now updating. Just a little re-cap of our busy month: my mom had a hysterectomy, my grandfather had to have an abdominal aneurysm removed, Brice had a small wreck, my car broke down, we had company for 2 weeks, my little sister moved off to school, and finally we ended this crazy month with a little trip to Lazbuddie to play golf! Wow, that makes me tired just thinking about it. Hopefully things will slow down a little now with school starting for both Brice and I. Well, actually things are about to get even busier for Brice with his school starting. He has decided to take 9 hours this semester in order to be finished by May! I tried to tell him he was crazy, but he thinks he can handle it. He will be in class Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00-7:30!! And he's just praying that EK doesn't come early so that he can get through finals without becoming a dad first!
We have just about finished the nursery. We got our glider in last week and I absolutely love it! I was worried that the colors might not match, but I think it looks great. And we just finished putting together the bookcase a few minutes ago. I still need to get the wall letters for her name, a few baskets for the bookcase, and a changing pad, but other than that I think we're about ready!
Here are a few pictures of the almost finished nursery: