Wednesday, November 21, 2007

13 Days and Counting!

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and it went really well. We found out that we will be having Emma Kate on December 4th if she doesn't come sooner....that's only 13 days!! I say if she doesn't come sooner because I'm already dilated to a 3 and 60% effaced! I know that things could stay this way for a long time, but Dr. Burkholder couldn't believe it considering this is my first pregnancy, and he said it was a really good sign! So, YAY!!! I can't believe I'm going to be a mom in less than 2 weeks, that just doesn't seem fathomable.

I am now going to busy myself the rest of the week with Christmas shopping, decorating, and of course EATING! I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. I guess because I can eat all I want and not feel guilty about it! :)

Now to the real reason of Thanksgiving. This year I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy and the sweet baby girl growing inside of me, an amazing husband who is extremely supportive and can always make me smile, a wonderful family who would do anything for me, and sincere friendships that make me a better person!


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Month in Review

Wow, where has the time gone!? I have been meaning to write a post for the last two weeks, but something else always seems to come up. October was a fun-filled month in preparations for Miss Emma Kate, and I'm happy to say that I think we're finally ready. Well, actually, hopefully we will be after our ALL DAY child birth class on Saturday. Several people have told me that it's a waste of time, but I really feel that the more I know and the more prepared I am, the better it will be. We shall see...

Brice and I are so blessed to have the most thoughtful and amazing friends and family. We had a shower here in Lubbock a couple of weeks ago, and then a shower in Lazbuddie the following weekend. And let me just tell you, this baby will definitely be stylin'...Brice said he doesn't think he's ever seen so much pink in one room! We now have pretty much everything I can possibly imagine needing for a baby, too bad half the things we put together she probably won't be using for several months! I never imagined that a little baby's things could take up so much room. We are definitely realizing how small our house really is, and from what we hear it only gets worse as they get older! :)

We also had what will probably be our last sonogram done about 3 weeks ago. Everything looked good, and we just can't wait to see those chubby cheeks in person! At that point they estimated that she weighed 3 pounds 14 ounces, so I am assuming she's over 5 pounds by now! As far as the pregnancy goes, things are still going pretty smoothly. I am definitley getting more uncomfortable now, and can understand why most women don't describe pregnancy as being a "breeze" (like I have up to this point!). But I know it will all be worth it in the end. I had an appointment with Dr. Burkholder this afternoon and he said we could schedule an induction at my next appointment, which will be 2 weeks from yesterday. Being the planner that I am, I am VERY excited about this. I know she could come earlier, but I like the thought of knowing that I don't have to go past a certain date. In my "ideal world" (as Brice likes to call it) I would like to schedule it for December 5th, which is 4 weeks from today!!

Here are a few pics from the last month: