Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blood Diamond

Brice has been talking about wanting to see this movie since he saw the previews, but to be honest with you I wasn't too thrilled about seeing it. We had planned on going to see it last night, but the plans changed and we didn't. Since Brice came along to see the Holiday with me last weekend I decided it would be the nice thing to do to go with him this afternoon to see it. Without giving too much away, for those of you that are planning on seeing it, let me just tell you that it was one of the most eye opening movies I have seen in a long time. Brice said that it was based on things that have really happened in Africa, and some are still going on today. Basically it's about a civil war that was going on there where they were fighting for control of the diamond fields. The rebel forces use young boys as soldiers to kill innocent women and children so they can smuggle the diamonds and sell them to large companies in the US and England. Because there is such a huge market for diamonds in these countries these companies pay a lot of money for these smuggled diamonds, therefore funding the rebels in this civil war. It is just so amazing to me all the horrible things that go on in our world that we have no idea about. There were several parts that were so hard to watch, but it was an amazing story of survival and the bond shared between a father and his son.

So, if your looking for an eye opening movie to watch, I highly recommend the Blood Diamond. And if you're looking for a great romantic comedy, I highly recommend The Holiday!! (I could write a whole other post about that movie!!)


denae said...

Sounds scary! But I definitely think you should write a whole other post about The Holiday!

Amy B. said...

I saw a report on this movie yesterday--it looks like one of those that everyone should see. I'm glad you put it on your blog. Tell your man he needs to update his so I know what movies are worth catching up on over the holidays!