Sunday, July 27, 2008

Home on the Range

Brice went out of town this weekend for a bank trip (I guess you could call it's really just a bunch of grown men playing down at PK!), so Emma Kate and I decided to enjoy a nice long weekend at the Bar M (aka my parents' new place)! We have had so much fun just hanging out and doing nothing. Emma Kate loves her LaLa and Pop so much!

Looking at the horses

Emma Kate has her very own pony, Coco

Bathtime is so much fun!

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Playing on LaLa's have to wear overalls when you're in the country!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend too!


Summer said...

Wow! I didn't even know you parents moved. What a beautiful house. Those years at Knoxville seem so long ago :) Summer

April Carrasco said...

So fun! Man, she is getting so big. I am glad y'all had fun on the range ;)!!

Honea Household said...

She is so big!! And SO cute!

Ashley said...

oh man, i love the pictures! EK is so darn cute. I love the horse Coco too! :)

I am glad you are on the second one and LOVING it. It is so good. It made me tear up so many times.

Glad you had a good weekend.

lubke-moss said...

That sure does make me miss Texas!