Monday, September 15, 2008


I wish I was posting pictures of our first day of school, or Emma Kate's first time to try out her big girl car seat (oh goodness that picture was too cute!), but unfortunately the aforementioned computer problems recently got worse and our computer finally died....taking with it ALL of our pictures and files that we had yet to move to our external hard drive!!! :( But that is a post/rant for another day!

Instead I get to share with you a couple of Emma Kate's other firsts she had today.

1. Formula - yes, she has finally tried formula, and much to my surprise she loved it. I have been thinking about trying it out soon anyway because I'm almost out of frozen milk which I send with her on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and since she seemed extra hungry today I thought we would go ahead and try it out. She downed 4 ounces in no time and acted as if it was nothing new! I was really hoping to make it to a year and be able to skip formula all together, but I guess a couple of bottles a week won't be too bad.

2. Dog Food - that's right, folks! I'm sure every child at some point tries it and today was Emma Kate's day. I was in the office working on some stuff for school tomorrow and she was in the living room playing, or so I thought. All the sudden I realized she was being awfully quiet and decided I needed to go check on her. I came out of the office and didn't see her so I figured she was at the back door watching the dogs (her favorite place to play these days)...nope I walked around the couch just in time to see her put a handful of dog food in her mouth!! And I think she really liked it because both her cheeks were full!! YUCK! Needless to say I immediately started freaking out and called my mom to see if we needed to call poison control. She assured me that if the food didn't harm the dogs then it wouldn't hurt her, nice!

So there you have it, not quite as exciting as pictures, but you can check out Denae's blog for some 9 month pictures we just got around to taking today. :)


Laura said...

we have that book! love it! she's too cute!

Honea Household said...

Aww, so said that all your pictures were lost. There really is no way to retrieve them? I bet you Jim could figure out a way! :)

I love the pics on Danae's blog. That Bible Story Book you are reading to her is EXCELLENT! We have it and Ryann LOVES it! It is so great!

Miss you.

Jost Family said...

Denae made have told you that I found her through your blog. I am a blog stalker, yes I know, but I am so glad that I saw Emma Kate's pictures because Denae is awesome. We took pics on Sunday and I LOVE them. Love reading your posts!

Shaunna said...

Dog food-Yum! Yum! hehe:)

Way to go for going so long without having to give EK formula!

When Addi went through her 3 month growth spurt, we had to start giving her a couple of ounces of formula a day (I couldn't make enough milk to satisfy her!) I bawled and bawled! I just felt like such a bad mommy! I'm okay with it now...Addi was just like Emma Kate...It didn't phase her a bit. She just gulped the formula down like it was nothing new!

Sorry about losing your pictures- I know how sad you must have been!

Love the updates:)

Ashley said...

I am so sad about your computer. That sucks.

I am glad she likes formula. Hopefully it will relieve some of the stress of keeping her fed when you guys are apart.

How did Sydney and Lana feel about sharing? ;)

CONNIE said...

Emma Kate has become quite the model! I love all her pics!

Amy B. said...

Dang it, Kristin, I just saw that you won another makeover from Fab. K! Can you send some of that luck to me?? EKs newest pics are adorable!

Ashley said...

I can't believe you won from Fabulous K again! You are DOUBLE lucky! :)

Kristin said...

Emma is such a cutie too! And yes, I do sell the onesies.........I'm sorry that you couldn't be my first customer! Looks like things are going great for you! Too bad you live so far away :(

Kristin said...

No not yet. Email me your ideas and I will let you know.
Be good!

Chris said...

I hope I never have to re-live the drama of your computer dying in my house again...

P.S. - Please don't tell Brice that I commented on your blog.