Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mom Story, and Lesson Learned!

I have learned several lessons in the last year about being a mom, but today I added a new one. Let me just preface the whole situation for you first though. Emma Kate has been pretty sick the last couple of days. She had her one year check up and shots last Wednesday (5 to be exact...NOT fun!), and we also found out that she has an ear infection, so the dr. put her on an antibiotic. Anyway, she seemed to be fine Wednesday evening and Thursday at school, but that night she woke up in the middle of the night with a 103.2 fever. Poor baby! We were completely freaked out, but the nurse assured us that she would be fine and that it was probably just from the shots. She continued to run fever Friday and Friday night, and finally started feeling better Saturday. I'm not sure if it's the antibiotics or the fever, but something has really messed with her poor little tummy and she's had several accidents (if you know what I mean) the last several days. 

Fast forward to this morning at church. We got her all dressed in her adorable Christmas dress and headed out for church. We had already decided that since she had been kind of sickly that we wouldn't send her to the nursery and expose all the other children, but instead I would just walk around with her if she got fussy. So, when she had had about all she could stand we headed out and were enjoying a nice game of "how many Nilla Wafers can I fit in my mouth at one time" when I saw THE face. No big deal, right? I'll just quickly take her to the bathroom and change her diaper. I grab the diaper bag and it hits me - I forgot to pack diapers when I was quickly packing the bag that morning! Still not too panicked because I realize that luckily the car keys are in the diaper bag, we will just go sit in the car and wait for church to end. So we run out to the car and then I remember that I've learned this lesson before and remembered to put a few extra diapers in the console of the car. Perfect! I decided that it would be much easier to change her diaper inside in the bathroom, where surely there's a changing table, than in the freezing cold car, so we grab the diaper and a blanket (her coat was still in church with Brice) bundle her up, and run back in. That's when I realize something wet on the front of my sweater and all down my sleeve, I thought surely not, maybe it's just warm and not actually wet! We finally make it to the bathroom only to find NO changing table! Are you serious?! So I find a nice little bench away from everything and unwrap her, and you guessed it....yellow ALL over the blanket!! That's when I realize that the "warm" I felt on the way in wasn't just warm, it actually was wet(luckily my sweater was red, so you couldn't actually see it, but I still knew it was there!)! I was totally grossed out, but I composed myself, got Emma Kate changed and cleaned up. Luckily church didn't last much longer and I made a conscious effort not to touch anyone on the way out! Brice was a little confused why I wouldn't let him hold her on the way to the car, but he was very grateful that his nice sports coat was spared once I told him the story! 
Lesson learned - always double check the diaper bag!! I think next time Emma Kate is sick we will just send Brice to church without us. :)

And of course here's a picture of her this morning BEFORE church in her cute little dress....that's going to the cleaners tomorrow! :)


Ashley said...

HA! Great story. Man, we have all been there. Yuck.

Hey, for what it is worth antibiotics always tear up Carley's tummy too. She is almost three and it still happens

summer said...

No lie, this SAME exact thing happened to me with Mai at church when she was about Emma's age, the only difference I had one WHITE pants. No way to hide that. Can't wait to see you two again!!

Elizabeth Mason said...

So funny! If only I had known when I talked with yall after church on sunday! You (and Emma Kate) still looked beautiful and I had no idea you had just been through all that! haha. Hope you're all feeling well now and that you had a wonderful Christmas day! See you soon.

Anonymous said...

hehehe! Too funny! I can totally see you trying not to completely gross out!! Way to let mommy mode take over ;) one time that happened to us at Henry's only it got ALL over Seth and his clothes and it was my mom changing him not me, but I forgot to pack extra clothes...eek! So here they came out of the bathroom and seth was in a diaper and his tennis shoes!!!

Mariano Madness said...

sorry girl... that anonymous was from me..Cami- somehow I sent it as anonymous...oopsie!

lubke-moss said...

The joys of motherhood. :) Makes for great stories later, though!
BTW: That is quite possibly one of the most adorable Christmas dresses I have ever seen! Happy New Year Foster family!