Thursday, June 04, 2009

18 Months!

Happy Half Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!! I can’t believe that today, on the day that we are welcoming our second child into the world, that our baby girl is turning a year and half! That seriously doesn’t seem possible. I feel like I expect so much out of her, and I often have to remind myself that she’s still just a baby herself. She has been such a joy in our lives and I’m so grateful that the Lord chose us and gave us the privilege of raising her.

I haven’t given an update of what she’s up to these days in a really long time, so I thought I would do so now. (who knows when I will get around to it again!)

  • She is a major chatterbox and can repeat just about anything you say!  Some of her favorite things to say are: milk, juice, chair, wapple (waffle), grapes, car, babeee, school, cheese (which she now says anytime she sees the camera!) mama, dada, Sydney, Lana. And she can name lots of animals, but here lately instead of calling them by their name she makes their sound instead…too cute!
  • She still loves to carry small bags around – she will often put on a hat, put a bag on her shoulder and walk around saying “Bye, Bye!!”
  • She loves to play under the sink and in the drawers in the bathroom while I’m getting ready. She will take everything out of the cabinets, line up all the bottles, and then put them all back in the cabinet. And she’s very attentive, she will try to copy exactly what I’m doing while I’m getting ready. One day she found the eyelash curler and put it right up to her eye!! I had no idea she even knew what to do with it! And I have an old hair straightener that I let her play with and she likes to pretend she straightening her hair.
  • She is still doing great in her big bed and has even spoiled us the last several days by sleeping in until 8!! I guess she knows she needs to catch up on sleep now too! :)
  • She L.O.V.E.S. Finding Nemo – the second we get in the car she points to the tv and says “Bobo??” (not really sure why she calls him Bobo!) And she will watch it over and over again, in fact we have to really distract her with other toys and singing and stuff or she would watch it the entire time we’re in the car. And she started watching Charlotte’s Webb last week too and she really seemed to like it as well. It’s the one with Dakota Fanning and real animals – it’s really such a cute movie!
  • She is still really attached to her pacifier – which she has strangely named “MiMi”. We really can’t figure out how she came up with that name, but anytime she gets really tired or upset she walks around saying “MiMi, MiMi, MiMi”. And she will only go to sleep if she has one in her mouth and at least one in her hand!! Crazy girl, I’m definitely wishing I hadn’t started her back on that back in February!! 
Like I said, she truly is such a source of joy in our lives. We look forward to watching her continue to grow and we pray daily for her salvation - that God would turn her heart towards Him and give her the faith to love and trust and obey Him...that He would be her Treasure!


Anonymous said...

Easton is here!! He arrived at 11:47 am. 7.5 lbs 20 inches!!! Mom and baby are doing great!!!!!

the willard family said...

Congrats, Kristin! Hoping little Easton is well and you are too!


Kyle and Hollie said...

I have been checking to see the progress of Easton! YAY!!! Congrats! Hope you enjoy every moment!

Amy B. said...

YAY!! Can't wait to see pictures of Easton! Congratulations!