Friday, April 06, 2007

Pictures Part 2

Brice's new favorite hobby...looking for shells! (you should see all the shells we brought home!)

The beautiful pool and swim up bar at Nachi Cocum

The view from the pool...HEAVEN!

More shell searching in Belize

The main pool onboard

The pool at the back of the boat

Brice at the casino

The Chocoholic Buffet (I've never seen so much chocolate!!)

Our final night


denae said...

You look sooo pretty (and tall) in that last picture! The shell thing is funny...I want to see the collection.

Dustin and Allyson Wall said...

What did you do with all the shells???

Ashley said...

Oh, I love those pictures. You are Brice are such a sweet couple.

Amy B. said...

Ah...Nachi Cocum!! Andy still talks about his "guy" Mario who brought us drinks all day. I still long for the hammock that I slept in half the day. That pool was awesome!