Friday, January 18, 2008

Acid Reflux

Yep, that's right...our poor baby girl has acid reflux. She has always spit up quite a bit, but lately it has gotten a lot worse so we took her in this morning and Dr. Gray confirmed my suspicions. Bless her heart it has been quite a rough week in the Foster household. She is now on Zantac so hopefully she will be back to her sweet self soon! It has been so hard to see her in pain and not be able to do anything about it.

Other than dealing with the reflux we are having the time of our lives, and we are just so thankful for this amazing gift God has blessed us with!! It's so hard to believe that she is already 6 1/2 weeks old...time is really flying by. And she's growing like a weed, she now weighs 10 pounds! We tried out the bumbo chair today for the first time too. I think she would have enjoyed it much more had she not been hungry, but this is what we got:
"Mom, what in the world is this crazy thing?"

"Whatever it is, I DON'T like it!"

And I guess staying in the house ALL week long can make you go crazy. I left the house for first time last night to get my hair done and this is what I came home with:

I can't believe after 25 years of being a blond I'm now a brunette! We'll see which ones really have more fun! :) And finally, I will leave you with one more picture of our sweet baby girl sleeping peacefully in her favorite place...the swing!


cassandrasaganwebb. said...

Your hair looks awesome!! I love it dark, great choice! And that little girl of yours is precious. Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Kelli said...

She is too cute! And brunettes actually have more fun! Love the hair!

Amy B. said...

When I first saw that picture I thought your hair looked dark because of the lighting or something. I think it looks great!

Jennifer-Colley said...

I love the hair! Lets hang out soon!

Melody said...

I LOVE your hair! And I LOVE the pictures of Ek in the bumbo :)

Ashley said...

Carley had reflux and we had to do medicine until she was sitting up on her own most of the day. It was amazing how much the medicine helped and I hope you guys have the same luck.

Carley never liked the Bumbo, she is the only kid in America who didn't though. I bet EK will learn to love it.

I love the hair! What a fun change! Motherhood brings out the brunette in your I guess!

Denae said...

I've already told you I love the hair - but I think it looks especially good in the picture!

The first picture of Emma Kate in the Bumbo is so cute. She is growing up so fast!

Honea Household said...

I love your dark hair!!! It's great! My hair is now naturally that color, but I have highlights.

Ryann and Cullen were both of Zantac for acid reflux. They both grew out of it, but it was very painful for a while. The Zantac doesn't cure the reflux. She will probably still spit up (maybe a little less), but it will help cut down on the acid in her tummy and the painful burning will stop. Just make sure she is upright for a while after she eats. And Jim put some short bricks under one end of their bed to elevate on end so they didn't lay flat. Alright, listen to me going on and on. Call me if you have questions. Been there, done that. Poor thing.

She has grown SO much and is the prettiest little girl I've seen since Ryann was born.

Jesus loves you, EK!

Blake & Shaunna said...

Emma Kate is so precious! Blake and I are expecting our first baby ( a little girl) in May. We are so excited!

By the way, this is Shaunna (Myrick) Dawson...I joined Phi Lamb the semester you were graduating (so we weren't in there together for very long) I am married to Blake Dawson. Sorry for the randomness!

Laura said...

i just found your website through shaunna's...congrats!! i had talked to a few people from angelo that told me you were expecting.

i used to be laura married...and now expecting a baby also!

Alyssa said...

Your daughter is adorable... and so is your hair :)

Dustin and Allyson Wall said...

Your hair looks great! I can't wait to see it in person!! I am so sorry about Emma, but hopefully the medicine will help! She is too precious! I need to hold her soon.