Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Over the last week I have had the opportunity to hang out with some really great friends that I don't get to see that often. Last Wednesday EK and I had lunch with my good friend Kimberly. Kimberly and I worked together at my first real job (if you want to call it that!) at First National Bank (now My Lubbock Bank). Although I didn't work there for very long, we have remained friends over the years. I am always running into her and her mom at the mall, but it's been a while since I've had a chance to sit down and visit. It was so nice catching up with her and letting her meet EK!

Then on Thursday night Brice stayed home with EK while I went to dinner with my teaching friends. I think I've mentioned this group of friends on here before, but we all met while attending the First Year Teaching Academy last year. I truly believe that God put us together for a reason. We have all been through so much together and it's been really nice to have friends to confide in and share life's experiences with at work. Over the last year and half, among the 6 of us, there have been 4 babies born, 3 miscarriages, 2 rounds of IUI, and 1 round of IVF. So needless to say, we have been through our share of struggles and hard times. But anytime we get together we always have the best time with lots of stories to share and lots of laughter! I have been so blessed by this group of girls over the last year and a half!
(minus Brooke, I'm not sure where she was!)

And finally, last weekend my good friend from college, Jenny, came to town to visit. I met Jenny my freshman year at ASU. We weren't that close our freshman year, but through Phi Lamb we became really close and are still good friends today. We had a great time shopping, eating, watching movies, and just hanging out! And she picked a great weekend to come because Brice was gone on a hunting trip. I was so glad I didn't have to stay here alone! :)
(a few years back!!)

Oh and I almost forgot, over the last couple of weeks I have also been in contact with my roommate from my freshman year in college, Candace! She moved to Nebraska our sophomore year and I haven't heard from her since, but thanks to the internet she found my blog. :) It has been so great catching up with her as well. Candace now lives with her husband in Florida (I'm so jealous!)...maybe we'll have to go visit them sometime!

I have been reminded over the last couple of weeks what a blessing friends are, and how important it is to be a good friend. I am not always that great at putting effort into friendships. It seems as if I can always find an excuse of why I'm too busy, or preoccupied, but I think it's time to make a change!


Jennifer-Colley said...

next time you guys go, I promise to be there! I cant wait! lets hang out soon! You will back real soon too!