Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Things I Love About My THREE Month Old

-the way her paci moves up and down when she’s really sucking

-the way she holds her hands when she’s eating…it looks like she’s praying

-she is the happiest baby ever in the mornings, she will just lay there and smile and coo forever!

-the way her head bobbles like crazy after she’s been holding it up on her own for a little while. It’s the funniest thing when she sits in her bumbo chair. Brice said they must have made the bobble head dolls after watching baby’s heads bobble that way.

-the way she “talks” to herself when she looks at herself in the mirror

-that she always has a milk mustache

-that she likes to sit in my lap and rock for a long time after she eats in the mornings

-that she now sleeps about 10-11 hours at night

These are just a few things I love about our sweet baby...I just feel so blessed that God chose Brice and I to be Emma Kate's parents!!

Sunday was Baby Day at our church. We were able to go before our church family and committ to raising Emma Kate in a Godly home as well as be prayed over by our elders. We are so grateful for our church family!

Here are a few pictures from Sunday:

And here is a picture of our big girl on her three month birthday!!


Amy B. said...

Emma Kate makes me smile! She's so adorable and sweet!

Honea Household said...

What sweet memories you are making. You are so smart to write them down so you don't forget. I just wish I wrote more things down. It flies by WAY too fast and you think you won't forget, but you do. She is beautiful. What a beautiful family you have!

Blake & Shaunna said...

Where did you get EK's church dress? It's precious! I am looking for something similar...Blake's brother, Travis is getting married in June, and I was hoping to find a precious little dress like that for our little girl...She will be 2 weeks old, and already in her first wedding:) Let me know! Emma Kate is beautiful!

Ashley said...

I loved holding that sweet girl tonight. She is just precious!

Lubke-Moss said...

How wonderful that both yours and Brice's family could be there to celebrate with you!
May the Lord continue to pour out His blessings on your family!

Kenley K said...

Kristin-She is ADORABLE! I can't get over how cute she is! I just love her! :) I am glad her and Will are best buds! Hope things are going well, looks like they are! :)

Shea Politte said...

Kristin!!!! I am so thankful to find your blog and get to see your precious baby girl!! I am so happy for you and Brice, and for Emma Kate -- she has wonderful parents. Enjoy the first year -- it goes by too fast!