Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend in Review

Friday evening Brice and I were able to enjoy a "double the fun" date night! My mom graciously offered to watch Emma Kate, so we took her up on her offer and hit the town. haha. We got to see not one, but two movies! Now, pre-parenthood this wouldn't be all that out of the ordinary, however, since becoming parents Tinseltown hasn't been on the received quite as much of our money as it used to. First we saw Eagle Eye, the new movie with Shia LaBouf, which was great! Honestly, I wasn't all that excited about seeing this movie but thought I would go along with it since Brice really wanted to see, and I'm so glad I did! It was full of action and a little far fetched, but highly entertaining. Next we enjoyed a yummy dinner at Abuelo's (my favorite restaurant), and then ended the evening with our second movie, Nights in Rodanthe. Brice definitely wasn't all that excited about seeing this movie, but I had been begging him ever since I saw the previews to take me to see it. I was SO disappointed! I had myself all hyped for a great love story and unfortunately it just wasn't all that great. No where near as good as the Notebook. But we enjoyed our date night none the less.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and participated in the American Diabetes Association walk at Mackenzie Park. There was a huge turn out and it was a beautiful morning, we really couldn't have asked for better weather. But it definitely made me realize how much work I have to do in order to get back in shape, and I was pretty thankful I wasn't pushing a stroller as we were heading up the last hill! After the walk we came back home and watched 88 Minutes, with Al Pacino, another action movie that I actually liked. Later that afternoon Emma Kate came home, we played for a minute then I went and got my hair done. I have been going to a new hair "lady" (it sounds so weird calling her that since she's the little sister of one of my friends from high school) named Kacy. I just love her! She is so sweet and fun to talk to, and she does a really good job. She and her mom own a salon called Panache, if you're looking for a new hair stylist, I highly recommend her! Anyway, after getting my hair done I came home and played with EK some more and then cooked a lasagna. I always thought home-made lasagnas were too difficult, but they really aren't. It was fairly easy to make and way better than the frozen ones we used to get! Emma Kate even enjoyed some for lunch today - her first real table food.

This morning we headed back to a new church called Redeemer. We have been "homeless", church home that is, for a few months now. This was our second week to visit here and we both really like it! The worship is amazing, the message is really challenging, and to top it off Emma Kate has done really well in the nursery both weeks. As we have been looking for a new church home our prayer has been that God would lead us to a place where we would grow in grace and knowledge, and it seems like we have maybe found just that. We are looking forward to meeting more people and visiting a "Redeemer Group". Here are the lyrics to one of the songs we sang this powerful!

May the mind of Christ, our Savior,
Live in us from day to day,
By His love and power controlling
All we do and all we say.
May You dwell richly
May You dwell richly
May You dwell richly
In us
May the Word of God live mighty
In our hearts from hour to hour,
So that all may see us triumph
Only through His grace and power.
May the peace of God our Father
Rule our lives in everything,
That we may be calm to comfort
All the sick and sorrowing.
May the love of Jesus fill us
As the waters fill the seas;
Him exalting, self abasing,
This is all our victory.
May His beauty rest upon us,
As we seek the lost to win,
May they forget us as the channel,
Seeing ever only Him.
**ugh, I have no idea why blogger is messing up the spacing. I realize this is kind of hard to read!
And this afternoon we have just been hanging out watching football. Go Cowboys! Overall it's been a great weekend. Nothing too exciting, but extremely nice to hang out as a couple and as a family! What did you do this weekend??


Honea Household said...

It was good to hear about your weekend! Glad you and Brice had a good weekend together! We also went and saw Nights in Rodanthe. I had read the book, but totally did not remember the ending. It was so sad!

The boy started running fever yesterday, so we skipped church this morning. I will probably take him in tomorrow. :(

Have a good week!

cassandra sagan webb said...

Yeah, I read Nights in Rodanthe and was NOT impressed. I think I'll wait for it to come out on Netflix.

Ashley said...

My hair lady is at Panache too. Her name is Kaly and she is a former student. What a small world! Thanks for the movie reviews. I wanted to see Nights, but had heard it wasn't great.

Glad Redeemer was good this Sunday. I am going to send you the contact info for my friends who go there and are in a small group.

See you soon.

Laura said...

thanks for the update! pass on that lasagna recipe. :)

lubke-moss said...

Blessings to you and Brice as ya'll search for a church where you can be fed and grow in Christ as a family!
P.S. Your date night sounds great. Keep doing those things when ever you can. It's important. :)

Amy B. said...

Shut up!! You went to Redeemer?? Dusty(lead pastor) and his wife Amy are great friends of ours. Amy was a year ahead of Andy in residency and she's an attending now at UMC. They're awesome! I'm glad you guys liked it. It's an awesome group of people, very passionate and missional. We definitely understand the church "homeless" feel. It's a tough place. I hope you find a home at Redeemer. I'm going to email Dusty & Amy about you to be on the lookout!

HowryFamily said...

I know this is very random:) but I saw your blog on the fabulous K blog and noticed your little daughter's name is Emma Kate:) it caught my eye because that is my sweet girls name too! and we too call her Emma Kate and not just Emma:)