Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Husband's Favorite Things

I have been tagged to blog about Brice's favorite here they are!

1. Being a husband and father (most of the time!)

2. Movies, movies, and more movies. If you've ever seen our DVD collection you know what I mean! Brice loves watching movies at home or at the theater, and will gladly go to the movies by himself if there's something he really wants to see.

3. College football - especially Tech.

4. Food...the boy can eat!


6. Fox News - and anything related to politics.

7. Playing with Sydney and Lana (the dogs).

8. Laying on the beach, relaxing, reading a book, and soaking up the sun.

OK, ok so I totally made the last one up, but wouldn't that be GREAT! :) Stay tuned for an update on our trip to Boston, as well as pictures once we get our new computer set up!

Now I tag: Shaunna, Laura, Candace and Ashley N.