Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boston Part 3

Ugh, I really hate blogger right now....for some reason it doesn't like me! :) My pictures were working just fine on Sunday when I posted them and then for some reason on Monday they didn't work anymore, I kept hoping they would start working again, but I finally decided I was going to have to take the time and sit down and fix it! So hopefully it's working now!!

Whew, I didn't know if I was ever going to get around to posting part three of our trip to Boston, but without further ado here it is! :) (I hope I can still remember everything we did!)

Sunday morning Brice headed off for more of the FPA convention and Emma Kate decided to do a little shopping. Considering the really cold weather we decided we needed to find some Boston gear for the big game that night. I had the bright idea for Emma Kate and I to walk all the way to Fenway Park by ourselves to check out the shops around there, unfortunately I made a wrong turn somewhere and we got a little lost, after that excursion I decided that maybe we should just stick to the malls! :) We ended up finding some Boston gear and when Brice got back from the conference we were ready to make our way back to Fenway park for the game!
Luckily no wrong turns were made this time and we found it no problem. The stadium was nothing like what I was expecting. It’s really vintage and nothing like The Ballpark in Arlington. But it was so neat!! It was almost like going back in time to watch a baseball game. And let me tell you, I’ve never seen such crazy fans! There were definitely tons of  tried and true Red Sox fans. We decided to just go along with what everyone else was doing so we didn’t stick out like a sore thumb! Haha, although I’m pretty sure people thought we were the crazy ones for taking a baby to the game. Bless her heart it was SO cold out that night!! We definitely weren’t prepared for that. But we had lots of fun looking around, taking pictures, enjoying the game (even though they!), and of course EATING! :) After about 5 innings Emma Kate decided she had all she could take so we decided to head back to the hotel. And we got smart on the way home, we decided to take a bicycle taxi back and it was so much fun! I wish I would have gotten my camera out, but I was too busy trying to stay warm! 

Monday morning Brice headed back for the last day of the conference and Emma Kate and I did what we do best...more shopping. :) I bet we walked a good 5 miles everyday we were there!  That evening we headed back out on the town for dinner. I have always heard rave reviews about the Melting Pot, so we decided to try it out. And I’m sad to say, we were so disappointed! I didn’t like the food at all, for some reason it just tasted bland, and Emma Kate was not very well behaved at the restaurant so I’m sure that didn’t help either. We decided that if we ever go back we will just go back for the dessert, which was SO yummy! 

Tuesday was our last full day before heading home so we cram packed our agenda for the day. We started off at the amazing 3 story Apple store, where we picked out our fabulous new computer!! (I’m still getting adjusted to it, but it is SO much fun!) And then we headed back to the Boston Commons to go on the Freedom Trail. It’s basically a walking tour throughout the city, you just follow a painted red line on the ground and you can go at your own pace and stop and read about all the different places. However, Emma Kate had other plans. The first day of sight seeing Emma Kate did great in the stroller and even napped on our way to the museum, so we naively thought she would do the same this day. Well, you can probably see where I’m going with this...I guess she had spent a little too much time in the stroller and she decided she was NOT happy about it. I’m sure people were thinking we had just stolen a baby or something because she was screaming bloody murder. We tried everything to calm her down, Brice eventually just carried her and I pushed the empty stroller. About a mile into our walk back to the hotel she finally stopped screaming and fell asleep, praise God! :) So we all went back to the hotel and took a nice long nap

Luckily when she woke up she was in a much better mood, but we didn’t think we should try our luck with the stroller again. We decided we had seen enough of the city and should try out the subway. Man, what a lifesaver it was. :) We took the subway to the Aquarium and it only took about 10 minutes to get there! Considering our rough morning I was just hoping we would last half an hour there, but she LOVED it!! She did so great, she really loved looking at the penguins and all the fish. I was so glad we decided to venture out again, we had contemplated just staying in the hotel and packing up but I’m so glad we didn’t miss out on the aquarium.  

That evening we had one last place we wanted to see before leaving...Cheers! We took the subway to Fannieul Hall and shopped around a little bit before going to Cheers for dinner. It wasn’t at all what I thought it was going to be, it was so much small than I pictured! But the food was good and we had a great last evening in the big city! (and wouldn’t you know, my camera died right before we got to Cheers!!)

Wednesday morning we got up bright and early, gathered our stuff and headed for the airport. Luckily Emma Kate did much better on the plane rides home...I guess she was just pooped from the busy week! And we were all so happy to back to the dry, windy, treeless, dirty city we call home! :)


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