Friday, December 05, 2008

Fun Times!

Yesterday was such a fun, yet completely emotional day! I caught myself tearing up several times throughout the day at the thought of Emma Kate being a whole year old. This past year has gone by so quickly that I can only imagine how fast it will go from here on out. 

I definitely think Emma Kate enjoyed being the center of attention! She woke up and got to open a few gifts from Brice and I and she thought getting to play with Dad before breakfast was the greatest thing. She just giggled and giggled all morning.
Another fun thing about Emma Kate turning one is that we finally got to turn her car seat around to face forward! (I was especially excited about this :)) She didn't really know what to think about it at first, but about half way to school she started kicking her legs and talking up a storm. I think she likes being able to see! 
Then yesterday afternoon at school Brice brought some cupcake cookies and we had a little party at school. The cookies had a ton of icing on them so I wasn't really sure how she would do, but devoured it!! It was so funny, she scooped up that icing and just started cramming it in her mouth. :) We finally had to take the cookie away, she would have eaten the whole thing if we would have let her! 
Her big party is tomorrow's a sneak peak, can you guess what the theme is going to be??
EK bday invitation copy
On a completely different side note, today also marks one year since my Gan Gan passed away. Emma Kate's birthday will always be a bittersweet reminder of her passing. I really can't believe she's been gone from this earth for a whole year. We have missed her terribly over the past year, but we rejoice knowing that she worshipping in the presence of God as we speak!  


Denae said...

awwww...Happy Birthday Emma Kate!!

melissa deaver said...

That is the cutest birthday party invite ever! Happy Birthday Emma Kate!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Miss Emma Kate!!

Shaunna said...

Oh my goodness- Those invitations are so, so adorable!! I love it!

Brittney said...

Those invitations are precious Kristin! Where did you find her tutu? Hope the party goes great! Happy Bday EK!

Laura said...

too precious!

Ashley said...

Sweet girl, Happy Birthday!

Once again, i am so sorry we won't be able to come to the party.

Can't wait to see the pictures

PrEsToNs said...

what a sweet lil girl! Happy Birthday! You are such a fun mom :)

lubke-moss said...

Happy Birthday Emma Kate! Her birthday is easy to remember because it is the day before Nick's. :) She looks so much fun. It's hard to imagine Natalie walking and talking and giggling, but I can't wait for all the fun ways she'll grow over the next year and more. Enjoy all the stages of your little one!

Honea Household said...

I can't believe she is one! Time flies!!!

Chelsey's Chatter said...

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