Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Bachelor

Two posts in one day...impressive, I know! Even more impressive is that neither one of them have anything to do with Emma Kate! :)

I totally know that I should be doing something productive right now since EK is napping, but instead I'm glued to the computer! It's no secret, I'm a huge fan of The Bachelor...silly I know, but I've been watching since I was in college! Anyway, I have heard lots of speculation about this season and what's going to make the ending to this season so full of drama. I'm a nerd and went to check out the message boards on when I found this website. I know a lot of you fellow bloggers really like the show too, so go check it out and let me know what YOU think!! Right now it all seems pretty believable to me, but then again I know that this guy could just be making it all up...I guess we will all find out in 2 weeks anyway!


Kristi said...

Hmm that makes me wonder! I have always pulled for Molly (despite her always there pony tail) but after last week I just thought they didnt seem so close. I was shocked he voted out ms. canada after that episode!
Then for Melissa, he cant make up his mind on if it really matters that he didnt meet the parents. Just think, if this conspiracy theory is true, her parents really will be put off by the whole experience!

Shaunna said...

I am totally obsessed with that silly show!! I really, reeeallly want him to pick Melissa! Seems like the finale is going to be FULL of all sorts of drama!! I didn't go to the link you posted because I was afraid it might give away too much about how everything is going to turn out...Ha! Can't wait to see what happens:)

And Blake's Mom is reading the John Piper book you mentioned in your other post...Sounds like I need to snag it from her when she's done reading it!

Ashley said...

You know I am totally obsessed with this as well. I told you my theory, but we will see. I just really love it! Such a good season. (I do wish Jason made out a little less with EVERY SINGLE girl!)

I am reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. It is about understanding how radical God's love is for us. I HIGHLY recommend it. It has a website with it so before each chapter you watch a little video. Pretty cool

lubke-moss said...

Geez. I'm a little embarrassed I get sucked into this show. :) I admit, though, I haven't watched it faithfully every week like I have some seasons. I do know what's been going on.
I've always wondered if the people who go on this show are serious. I mean, really? Really?
Watching this show always makes me thankful for my husband and gives me lots of insight to relationships where God is absent. No wonder there's so much drama!
The finalie should be interesting!

Denae said...

I also saw that site and I just don't believe that Jason would do that after being in the situation himself...but who knows!

Shaunna said...

No, I won't be at the lunch tomorrow Kristin:( I know Laura will be out of town too, so that's at least two babies and mommies who won't be there.

I Don't know what everyone else is doing?? Don't know if they're bringing their babies to show off or not;)

Wish I was going to be there! Take lots of pictures!!

acpawelek said...

I was soo hoping that website wasn't true but it was! BOOO! Best wishes for Melissa! Hope you are doing well!

Kristen OQ said...

This isn't Bachelor related, but I got your comment and wanted to let you know about the shirts...

My friend owns a clothing company that does baby/maternity clothing and I got the shirts through her. Her website is The long sleeve ones won't be available until this fal in stores, but you can actually order the short sleeve ones right now off the My Vintage Baby website (go to the shop tab and then shop direct link). I always get compliments on them when I wear them (esp. the peace sign one) and they have held up in the wash too.

Hope that helps! Good luck!