Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book Recommendation

When we joined Redeemer they gave us the book Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper. I started reading it the other day and would highly recommend it. It definitely isn't a quick read (for me anyway :)) but it has been really thought provoking and encouraging to me in my walk. 

"God created us to live with a single passion: to joyfully display his supreme excellence in all the spheres of life. The wasted life is the life without passion. God calls us to pray and think and dream and plan and work not to be made much of, but to make much of Him in every part of our lives."


Also, I have been listening to a few of Piper's sermons which are great as well. Right now I'm listening to a sermon titled "What Is the Recession For?" At the moment it doesn't really feel like our family has been substantially affected by the recession, but I know that there are those that truly have. In any case, there are some really great truths to be learned during these tough economic times. This sermon has been really challenging to me and made me think about where my values lie. 

So...what are you reading right now??


Laura said...

I'm a big Piper fan too. I'm reading When Grace Comes Alive by Terry Johnson. I'd recommend it too.

summer said...

Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson - Go get it!