Thursday, April 30, 2009

Picture Update

Well, I am SO happy to report that Emma Kate is sleeping in her big girl bed like a champ!! The first couple of days were a little tough, I had to rock her completely to sleep before laying her down, but now I can just lay her down wide awake and she goes to sleep on her own. We are so proud of her!!! And knock on wood she hasn't gotten out of her bed in the middle of the night either. There have been a few mornings that she has quietly woken up and just started playing too. I am so relieved that we have made this transition with ease. I'm not really sure why I was so anxious about it, but I had some major anxiety...I guess I just know how precious these last few weeks of sleep are! :)

Her first time in the bed
She definitely thought it was playtime
Ahh...finally asleep!

And last weekend Emma Kate's Boppy and Chebe (Brice's parents) came to town and hooked her up for the summer. They got her a climber/slide and a pink Cozy Coupe. She LOVES to play outside so both of these are right up her alley. The first night we put the car together we literally had to drag her out of it when it was bedtime! So far she can only go backwards, but she's pretty ingenious and will get in the car, push herself backwards til she can't go anymore, get out of the car, push it to wherever she wants to go and then get back in the car! Haha, too funny! And she has had her afternoon snack while sitting in the car everyday this week! We have really been enjoying the last few days of really warm weather and not much if only it would get warm and stay warm! 

Playing with Dad in the box!
What a BIG girl!
Snack time...
Pushing the car
Oh SO fun!!

And I've taken a few pictures of Easton's room all put together, but I ordered this from etsy and we hung it up last weekend and I hate it! I was really bummed, because I thought I was going to love it. It just looks really cheep and not at all what I was picturing. So, I think I'm going to order this. What do you think?? Once I have everything all put together I will post pictures of his room!


Linz said...

Totally stalking here, but I have ordered from this vendor and I was pleased. I have several all over my house and they all came from this company!

Laura said...

i like the second one.

wyatt's cousins gave him one of those cars (a police car version) but we haven't tried it out yet...not sure he's big enough. :) she may have to give him some lessons!

Shaunna said...

I'm a fan of the second one too! Sorry the first one didn't turn out like you hoped:[ Can't wait to see pics of Mr. Easton's room!

Emma Kate sure does look like she's having a blast with all her new, fun toys!!

Ashley said...

So far, I think finding cute boy stuff is much harder than finding cute girl stuff. You have to let me know what you think

Kenley King said...

she is so cute in her new big girl bed. she is adorable! :-) and i love her pink car! stylin!!

melissa deaver said...

I love that she sits in her car for snack - that's too funny! Can't wait to see Easton's room. :)

Ashley said...

This blog was in April! I need an update!!