Tuesday, June 09, 2009

We're Home

Ok, bear with me, I normally upload all my pictures to Flickr so that I can move them around and put them in order, but both babies are about to wake up so I'm kind of in a hurry!! These are all out of order, but none the less, here are pictures! :)

Whoa, I can't believe how small our car looks now! 

Our first outing as a family of 4 - to the Dr's office for a weight and color check

Saying bye to Aunt Teppy!

Checking out the pool on Saturday after we came home from the hospital

Hanging out in her very own chair

Heading home

"Yay we're outta here!"

All snug in the swaddle

And now we're WIDE awake!

Family picture

She loves her baby brother!!

He's not sure what to think yet!

Brooke and Tania

Will and EK looking for birds

Aww...too cute!

Chris and Denae


Checking out her "Big Sister" present (and check out her adorable "Big Sister" dress!!! Unfortunately I didn't really get any good pictures of her in it - my friend Angie made it and was TOO CUTE!)

Meeting Easton for the first time

Brice's family

My family, minus Aunt Maddie who was at home with Emma Kate during the delivery

First family picture - minus big sister

Contractions are oh so fun! :)

Heading to the hospital - so long big belly! 

Well, actually we have been home for several days, but I'm just now getting around to updating the blog. Hmm...can't imagine why?! HA! We came home from the hospital Saturday morning and have been going non-stop since. Emma Kate is adjusting really well, but she is definitely testing her limits. She absolutely loves Easton and can't seem to get enough of him. She calls him "BayBay" in a really deep voice, we can't figure out why she says it so funny - before he was born she would say "Baby" in a really sweet little voice, but not now! And she asks for him from the time she wakes up until it's time to go to bed. And of course we say "be gentle" about a gazillion times a day! But that's to be expected I guess. :) And Easton is adjusting really well too. He is such a sweet little baby and knock on wood is doing really well on a schedule. I'm trying to take advantage of this time where he's so sleepy because I know he will probably "wake up" soon! 

Easton's labor and delivery ended up being just about as smooth as Emma Kate's - praise the Lord! We got to the hospital around 6:45 in the morning, got started on pitocin and had my water broke around 8:30, experienced 2 hours of true contractions while waiting on the anesthesiologist (which I hope to never experience again - next time I'm not letting them start the pitocin til the anesthesiologist is in the room!! :)), 10:30 got an epidural, 11:15 was ready to push and Easton was born at 11:47! Other than my legs staying numb til 6:00 that night there really weren't any complications. 

Thanks to everyone who came by to see our newest addition while we were in the hospital. We feel so blessed to be surrounded by such great friends and family. Easton is so lucky to have so many people that love him already!! 

And check out Denae's website - she's done it again! We had Easton's newborn pics taken yesterday and they are GREAT!!


Shaunna said...

What a beautiful family of 4!! Easton is too precious, and you look FABULOUS!! Glad everything is going good!!

PS- My legs stayed numb for FOREVER after I had Addi...Such a strange feeling- Made me feel super claustraphobic!!

Kelli Marchbanks said...

Congratulations! We're so happy for the you all. What a beautiful boy! Best wishes!

Laura said...

he is wonderful! and i agree...you look GOOD!

now i know i can handle it if we have another one. :) congrats.

do you do babywise?

Ashley said...

So precious! Glad you are doing well!

Jamie said...

Great pictures! Glad to hear things are going smooth during the transition to two! :) He is adorable and EK is PRECIOUS, as always! Thanks for the update... Now get some rest!

lubke-moss said...

Easton's new born pics ARE awesome. Deane is just awesome. Sure wish she lived closer, cause I'd definitely give her some business. :) Enjoy the madness! You've got two beautiful babies there.
Also, I'm with you on the schedule thing. I'm no expert, but if I had to give advice to any new mother, I'd say the same thing - get a routine and schedule down. Natalie does AWESOME on hers.
Lots of love! Candace

Amy Holifield said...

You look great, how are you feeling? I know you won't have time anytime soon to answer all these comments, but when you get a chance, where did you get EK and Easton's matching outfits? They're so cute! We've got several months before our next one gets here, but all the planning I'm already doing involves what to do with D'Laney for those few days, and more importantly, what to dress her in for all the pictures!

Kristin said...

Shaunna - it was SUCH a strange feeling!! I was definitely starting to panic for a little while. I just knew I was paralyzed or something!

Laura - we aren't quite as rigid as babywise...we just try to stick to a 3 hour feeding schedule with some awake time in between each feeding.

Amy - I'm feeling good! The recovery from the second one has seemed much easier than the first! And EK and Easton's outfits are Zutano. I LOVE their clothes because they launder really well and they have the cutest prints!

summer said...

Congrats!! I can't wait to meet him!