Monday, August 03, 2009

Random Questions

  • How is it possible that my baby is 2 months old tomorrow?? (more to come on that later)
  • I had to call the dr's office this morning to get Easton's 2 month well check changed since we are going to be out of town, and they told me that our dr is booked until October. What?! Is this normal?? We will now have to see the nurse practitioner, which I don't mind because we really like her, but I just thought this was really strange.
  • How in the world do you get a 20 month old to stay in bed at nap time and bedtime?? Emma Kate has been in her big girl bed for about 4 months now. We had a hard time for about the first 2 weeks getting her to stay in bed, but after that she was perfect! She might talk and play on her bed for a while, but she would never get down. Well, starting about 3 weeks ago she has decided that she IS NOT going to bed without a fight. It started just at night, but now it's both nap time and bedtime. It seems to consistently take her at least an hour or more to go to sleep, and one day last week she missed her nap entirely. We have tried just about everything - putting her to bed later, timeout, spanking, rocking, ignoring....those of you who have been through this, what worked??
  • I'm contemplating having a garage sale - is it really worth all the work? I'm usually too lazy and just take all of our unwanted "junk" to Good Will, but I'm thinking we could at least make a little money instead of just giving it away. Anybody want to do it together??
OK, I think that's all random questions on my mind right now. Here are a few pictures from the last week:

Colin and Camron came over to play...Emma Kate was great until we put Camron in her swing and she had a major melt down!! I guess we will have to work on sharing. :)

Yes, that is a pool floatie that Emma Kate likes to wear as a hat! She has to get accessorized before sitting on the potty!

Look at that cute little hiney in big girl panties!

We went to the park on Saturday, we usually just play on the little playground, but since Dad was with us she got to play on the big playground and she even went down the big slide by herself!


Brianne said...

My name is Brianne. I am Shyanne Holik's sister and read your blog every now and then. Your kids are so cute. When we switched my now 2 yr old son to a big bed he learned how to open doors and get out of his room too. We finally put a safety door knob on the inside of his door so he couldn't open it. For a few nights he would cry and fall asleep behind the door and we would move him to bed. Then he started staying in bed or getting back in bed on his own and sleeps all night still. I know this is random but sometimes I get desperate for any advice from anyone and sometimes it is what works. Good luck with everything!

Ashley said...

Getting a kid to stay in bed is hard. You are doing everything. Just be diligent. For us, rewards worked best. Like if EK doesn't get out of bed, she can watch a show when she wakes up, but if she does, she doesn't get TV. Or she can have a snack if she stays in, but if she gets out, she looses her snack. Hang in here.

We had two garage sales this summer and the extra money was nice. My advice is only to have it on Saturday morning from 8-1 so that everything is priced to sell and you can get it over with quickly. Also, arrange for the Lighthouse of the Blind or Catholic Family services to come to your house at 1:00. Then they come and load up whatever is left and you are done. You have to call them the week before though. That is my 2 cents for what it is worth.

Kyle and Hollie said...

I am SO glad to hear someone else is fighting nap! Holton has been HORRIBLE!!! I think these two just know that moms are tired, busy with baby, and want attention! I can hardly believe this though b/c Holton gets more attention now than before Koleman came...I don't know! It is so frustrating and I don't understand why they insist on not sleeping! One day they will beg for sleep. We just try to be consistent and realize that in the long run, a missed nap will not kill him - but the consistency will pay off! Good luck sista!

Shanta said...

Hey Kristen- I think you should enjoy the extra hour it takes her to go to sleep :)

Hope all is well with you guys!

Anonymous said...

soon time to get those big girl knickers off and have some p-ssy fun

Anonymous said...

she's ready now .....the younger the tighter