Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Little Late, but Christmas Break Part 2

Wow, I can't even believe how quickly the second half of the break went! We had such a wonderful 3rd anniversary. We ended up going to eat with Brice's family who were in town for a doctors appointment, and then we got to hang out together for the rest of the evening. We usually just do card for our anniversary, but this year Brice surprised me with a Coach purse!!! I couldn't believe it...I really love it!

The last half of the week I got lots of cleaning done, got to hang out with some fun friends, and definitely caught up on my sleep!! To end the week Brice and I headed to San Angelo for one of Brice's friends weddings. This was the first time we have been back to our old stomping grounds in over 3 years!!! I can't believe it had been that long. We had SUCH a great time visiting with old friends and catching up. We couldn't believe how much the town has changed since we've been gone though! When we moved to Lubbock they were working on finishing the loop there, and since they have finished it they have built about 20 new restaurants and stores....they even have a Sam's now! :)

It has been incredibly hard hearing the alarm clock go off at 5:30 every morning this week, but I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas break. And if the second semester goes as quickly as the first, it will be summer before I know it!


Shae Sauncy Patyrak said...

Kristin! How are you? I was doing a little google searching and blog reading and in a round-about way found the Meet the Fosters blog! Would love to catch up.... email @

Dustin and Allyson Wall said...

Love the purse! So cute!!!

Shanta said...

Hey- long time no see girlfriend! Ok, I have much to comment:

A) I am so happy you had a great break. I am even more impressed how you delve right into getting back up at 5:30 am and experience closure to sleeping in by simply stating "I couldn't have hoped for a better break." You are an example of contentment and I like that.

B) Happy Belated Anniversary! Ken and I are only a couple of days apart from you guys (Jan.1) We are up to year number 2, and I thought it was highly exciting. Congrats on the purse! That is a nice one. I would comment to Brice except that he has never once acknowledged my comments on his blog, so he is in the doghouse with me and I will tell his buddies at Prestoncrest to let him have it. :)

C) How is MED?? You guys went through a name change or something, so I don't think it's MED anymore..anyway, wish everyone well for me.


Jenn K said...

It sounds like you had an amazing break! I am glad you enjoyed it! There were lots of celebrations! Congrats! I love the purse! Very Cute.