Friday, May 23, 2008

And we're ROLLING!

Yes, that's right, our big girl finally rolled over all by herself! Tuesday when we got home from school we were playing in the floor, she layed on her side for a really long time and then finally just rolled on over. I think I scared her half to death the first time because I was screaming and clapping. She was looking at me like I crazy or something. Who knew first time mommies would get so excited about these little milestones. After my little celebration for her I all the sudden started to get sad! My little baby girl rolled over! Oh goodness, I'm really not sure why I get so emotional about every little thing! Anyway, she went on to do it 3 more times and I even got the last time on camera. I'll see if Brice can help me download it and I'll post it. Unfortunately she hasn't rolled over again since Tuesday, but she loves laying on her side so I'm sure she will really be rolling in no time.

Also, I have TONS of pictures to post. I realized I haven't downloaded pictures from my camera since before my mom's birthday - April 9th! LOTS of things have happened since then! Maybe I'll get around to that sometime this weekend. :)


Honea Household said...

They grow up way too fast. My baby girl turns five in a little over a month and starts Kindergarten. :(