Friday, April 17, 2009


We had such a great Easter Sunday just hanging out with family. It was a great day of reflecting on the fact that our Savior is alive and what amazing gift we have in salvation. Our pastor Dusty preached "The Worst and Best Easter Message Ever". If you have a minute definitely check it out

We were a little tired after just getting back from vacation, but that didn't stop Emma Kate from thoroughly enjoying her first Easter egg hunt! We went out to my parent's house after church and she spotted the eggs in the backyard as soon as we got there. My dad made the mistake of taking her out there just to look around before we ate lunch...needless to say she didn't eat much lunch that day! She was way too worried about going back outside to get more eggs! And we started a new tradition this year (I hope it's a new tradition at least!! :)) My dad hid money eggs for the "grown ups" and I got $50!! My poor sister who is a college student only got $9...she has some really embarrassing pictures on facebook, I'm just grateful that none were taken with my camera! Let's just say I was a little excited about finding so much money!!
Already reaching for the door!
She loves her Aunt Maddie!!
Checking out her loot!
And of course she's more interested in the bag than anything else!
Aunt Maddie got her some new reef flip flops, she didn't know what to think at first...
Then she started dancing around!
She didn't know what to think about us running around crazy!


Shaunna said...

Love Emma Kate's new Reefs and love the adult egg hunt...Too fun!!

lubke-moss said...

What a gorgeous Easter dress Emma Kate had!
We usually spend Easter with our music minister, and her family does an adult egg hunt, too! It is a blast.
It looks like you guys had an awesome time on vacation. I can imagine how fun it was to see everything through the eyes of a child. AND you guys are SMART going together. I love the trade off idea. Both of you can get some adult fun time in. Awesome idea!
BTW: Your maternity pics are beautiful. :)

Amy B. said...

I wish I was there to see EK get bigger. She's SO precious!