Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shamu, Shopping & Shows

Last week we headed to San Antonio with our good friends the Hutson's.  I was a little leery of traveling that far with Emma Kate, seeing as how our last several trips with her haven't been all that smooth, but she did GREAT! Overall it was such a fun trip and I'm already dying to go back! 

We left early Wednesday morning and with only 2 trips back to the house to get stuff I had forgotten we were on our way. We stopped in Coleman for some good 'ol Dairy Queen and let the kids run around. They were so would have thought they had been in the car for 5 days straight. Emma Kate was of course her loud self and said hi and bye to everyone who dined there that day! And she quickly became fascinated with Will's climbing skills. :) We got to our hotel around 4, unpacked and then headed down to the Riverwalk to check things out. It was so great staying right on the river! First of all, it's just beautiful down there, definitely nothing like it here in the flatlands, and it was so nice to be able to just walk out our hotel and be right there where everything was going on. 

Will really liked Emma Kate's baby!
Ahh...sleeping babies!

Thursday we woke up early and were off for a fun-filled day at Sea World. I have been to Sea World several times, but being able to see the fascination and excitement in your child's eyes as they experience things for the first time made this visit by far the best! We made it around to all the shows we wanted to see, the boys got to ride some rides, and we even splashed around in the little kiddy waterpark before the day was over. Emma Kate LOVED Shamu! She stood up in my lap the entire show and just danced and clapped the whole time, and when Shamu would go under the water she would hold her hands out and say "Go?" in the sweetest little voice! 

She wanted OUT of the stroller!
Waiting for the dolphins to come by
She loved looking at all the fish!
And then we made the mistake of letting her down! :)
Jimmie Johnson's #1 fans! HA!
Will loved running around at the Sesame Street Show
Emma Kate slept right through it!
She LOVED the water!!

Friday Will and Emma Kate had a play day with their dad's and Denae and I went to San Marcos for a full day of shopping at the outlets! We got some great bargains, and my sister Stephanie drove over to see us as well which was an added bonus!! It was really good to quickly catch up since I hadn't seen her since Christmas, unfortunately we were kind of in a hurry because we had lots of stores left AND after all our husbands has been flying solo all day! :) While we were shopping the guys took the kids to see the Alamo and to the Children's Museum, fed them lunch and even put them down for long afternoon naps! I was highly impressed, but they both agreed that they didn't want to become stay-at-home-dads anytime soon! Since they were nice enough to let us go shopping they went to see movies (right up Brice's alley!) 2 out of the 3 nights after the kids had gone to bed...I would say it was an even trade! :)

The Alamo
I was so impressed that the guys actually posed them for pictures!
She loves her daddy!!

Saturday morning Denae took some really great maternity pictures for me down on the Riverwalk. We attempted some family pictures at the Alamo, but it was starting to rain and really chilly so we decided it was time to pack up and head home. Before leaving town however, we had to stop at ONE more mall - La Cantera. It was such a neat mall and I wished could have spent the whole day there!! On our way home we stopped in Fredricksburg where my sweet sister waited for almost 2 hours just to see Miss Emma Kate. She said it was worth it, but I have to say she has more patience than I do! Overall it was such a great first of many (I hope) family vacations!! 

Be sure to check out Denae's blog for her review of the trip, and of course pictures that are TONS better than mine!  


Shaunna said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Sea World AND shopping...Doesn't get much better than that!

You are looking great, Kristin! When is your due date?

How is Easton's nursery coming? I can't wait to see it all put together...All the fabrics you chose for his room were so cute...Post pictures soon!

Denae said...

haha...I wouldn't say my vacation pictures are better! I was actually thinking about how bad I need a new little camera as I was looking at your pictures. Especially because that picture of my family makes me look skinny...or maybe it is the way I'm leaning? I need to try that lean more often. :) I don't know about you, but I'm wishing it were this time last week so that we would just be getting there rather than it already being over! I want to go back!

Ashley said...

You look precious! I need to see that baby belly again. You have changed in the last few weeks!

Glad you guys had a great trip and that your kids were good travelers!!